Running for Beginners – Running Essentials You Need

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Have you recently started running?

Are you looking for the best women’s running apparel?

Or do you simply want to expand your closet with the best women’s running clothes?

Look no further if you are looking for the top running essentials for women.

This beginner running gear guide includes:

11 Running Essentials for Beginners

Below are must-have running essentials for beginners.

1. Running Shoes

To start, you need a GREAT pair of running shoes.

I love the Mizuno Women’s Wave Runner.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider Waveknit Running Shoe:

Mizuno Wave Knit Running shoe for women and beginner runners
Mizuno Running Shoe – a Running Gear Essential!

Here’s why the Mizuno Waveknit Running Shoe Rocks for Beginner Runners:

  • Well cushioned
  • Great for those with high arches and narrow feet
  • Great for shorter 3-mile runs and longer runs
  • Comes in pretty colors
  • Comfortable from the get-go

I’m also a big fan of Brooks running shoes (Ghost), and many of my friends love the Saucony running shoes.

Other shoes to consider: Check out The Top Cushioned Running Shoes for Pavement

2. Solid Running Socks

Once you have a pair of shoes, you need a great pair of socks so that you don’t get blisters.

In my opinion (and many others!), the best running socks for beginners are the BERING women’s running socks and athletic socks by Puma.

BERING Women’s Athletic Running Socks:

What I love about the BERING running socks:

  • Lots of cushion
  • Breathable
  • Arch support

Puma Athletic Socks:

Puma socks for beginner runners is a running apparel essential
Puma Socks for Running

What I love about the Puma running socks:

  • Pretty colors (pink and purple logo color)
  • Hold up well in the washing machine
  • Offer cushioning in the heel and toe
  • Have mesh top ventilation
  • Offer moisture control

3. Running Shorts with Pockets

Running Shorts

The Baleaf running shorts have pockets and are high waisted, so they won’t fall down when running. The Baleaf running shorts also come in longer lengths (8” and 5”), which are perfect if you have muscular thighs and want to prevent chaffing.

Baleaf Running Shorts:

Baleaf women's running apparel shorts and running shorts with pockets for phone
Running Gear for Women – Shorts with Pockets

Luxury Running Shorts (Women’s Running Apparel Brand)

Other shorts to consider: anything by Lululemon. They are expensive, but their shorts are the only ones I’ve found that are both flattering and great for running.

Shop Lululemon here: Lululemon running shorts

4. Leggings with Pockets

If it’s colder outside, you’ll want leggings to run in.

I LOVE the 90 degree leggings with pockets. The pockets hold your phone on the side and your keys in the inside pocket. Plus, they are super affordable and last FOREVER!

Leggings with Pockets (for Beginner Runners and Advanced Runners!)

90 Degree Leggings:

90 degree leggings with pockets for runners as an alternative leggings to Lululemon leggings, a dupe to Fabletics, and an option that’s not Athleta
Women’s Leggings and Apparel for Running (with Pockets!)

I convinced my friend to move away from Lululemon leggings to the leggings by 90 Degree!

Top reasons to love 90 degree leggings:

  • Pretty colors
  • Pockets (one for phone and phone for credit card)
  • Inner pocket for keys
  • High waist
  • Perfect for athletic build

Be careful when buying online. You want the style that is 76% polyester and 24% spandex. Don’t buy the wrong version online! Learn more in this article:

5. Headphones for Music

Music helps me stay motivated to keep on running.

I used to love the Philips headphones (they come in pink!) when I had an Android.

Philips Headphones in Pink:

Philips headphones for beginner runners as a running gear essential accessory
Headphones for Music is a Running Gear Essential

Now that I own an iPhone I SWEAR by the Airpods. They are expensive, but TOTALLY worth it.

Learn more why I finally caved in and bought Airpods:

The Best Headphones for Running: Airpods:

6. A Running App (Perfect for Motivating Beginner Runners)

A good running app can keep you motivated.

I use Runkeeper and my friend Danielle uses the Nike running app. Both offer free versions and are good.

7. High Impact Sports Bra for Running

A sports bra is a MUST-have for running. I love, love, love the Champion sports bra.

Champion Sports Bra:

My friend and I go running together, and I told her I had written an article about my favorite sports bra. She then pulled out her favorite sports bra, and she had the same one! The Champion sports bra is seriously the best.

Whether you are a beginner runner or an advanced runner – you need a good sports bra!

Full review of the Champion sports bra:

8. Tank Top

Racerback Tank Top:

Most workout tank tops are more or less the same. I found this tank top on Amazon for less than $15.

9. Long Sleeve Running Shirt

When it’s cool (in the spring or fall), you’ll want a running shirt with long sleeves.

Reebok Running T-Shirt:

Women's runner apparel that includes a long-sleeved, light weight t-shirt from Reebok
Women’s Running Apparel T-Shirt (Reebok)

A light-weight, long-sleeve running t-shirt is essential to protecting your shoulders and back from the sun. I own the Reebok shirt in a side small.

10. Sunblock for Running Outside

Neutrogena Beach Defense in SPF 50:

 Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 to prevent runners from getting burned from running outside in the summer
Sunblock for Running Outside

I prefer a spray sunscreen because it’s easier to apply. The Neutrogena sunscreen smells great and isn’t greasy.

11. Visor for Running

Visor for Running

Adidas Visor:

Adidas visor for running outside and beginner runner apparel
Adidas Visor for Running Outside

I used to wear hats when running, and then I discovered visors. The Adidas visor is more attractive than the Nike visor (in my opinion) and stays on. I own the visor in pink and white. I threw the white one in the washing machine and it survived, so this is a well-made visor!

12. Anti-Chafe Balm to Prevent Chaffing While Running

Body Glide for Her:

Body glide for beginner runners prevents chaffing and is a running essential for new runners
Body Glide for Runners to Prevent Chafing

If your thighs touch you NEED an anti-chafe balm. Even when I was super skinny in high school I used it! Rub this on your inner thighs before your run and you won’t get chaffing.

13. Sporty Sunglasses – A Must Have Running Accessory

Tifosi Sunglasses:

Tifosi sport sunglasses are a running apparel accessory perfect for beginner runners
Tifosi Sport Sunglasses for Beginner Runners

Tifosi and Goodr and the top selling running sunglasses. I tried on both at a running shoe store, and the Tifosi sunglasses are definitely the better of the two. They won’t slide around when running and come in fun colors.

14. Winter Running Clothes

When it’s cold, you may need to bundle up! I wear gloves, a headband, and a fleece hoodie when it is cold outside.

15. Moleskin for Feet – Essential for People Who Run a Lot

Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin:

Dr. Scholl's Moleskin is essential for runners who get calluses and who run frequently or are beginner runners
Moleskin to Protect Feet When Running

If you get blisters or calluses on your feet (like me!) then you need moleskin. Cut it out to be any size, and then apply it to your feet. Moleskin offers great protection, especially for your longer runs.

What’s Your Go-To Running Gear?

Have a favorite running gadget or running outfit that you love?

I’d love to hear from you! Write a comment below or send me a message via Instagram or Facebook.

Also check out the Pinterest page for The Jeans Fit, where I have an inspirational board for athletic outfits.

Welcome to the life of a runner!

Chrissy from the Jeans Fit (offering weight loss advice for women and fitness tips for the everyday woman)

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