What to Wear to the Atlanta Open

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If you are heading off to see the Atlanta Open, you are in for a treat! I went recently with a friend and had an amazing time! Plus, unlike the US Open in New York, tickets are VERY affordable and you don’t have to travel!

If you aren’t sure what to wear to the Atlanta Open, continue reading for my tips on what to wear to the Atlanta Open. In general, there’s no need to dress up. A simple tennis skirt and a T-shirt are just fine!

Continue reading for more details on what to wear to the Atlanta Open.

What to Wear to the Atlanta Open

In general, you don’t need to dress up a lot for the Atlanta Open. It’s dressier than an Atlanta United Game (I wouldn’t recommend wearing jean shorts to the Atlanta Open), but there’s no need to wear a designer maxi dress with heels. Athletic attire is common and recommended. My go-to outfit is a tennis skirt and a basic t-shirt.

Below are more ideas on what to wear to the Atlanta Open…

1. Tennis Skirts

The Atlanta Open is all about tennis, so a tennis skirt is 100% recommended! This is my go-to for both the Atlanta Open and the US Open (in New York). I personally LOVE the Halara tennis skirts (especially the Lucid Crossover Skirt).

Halara Pink Crossover Tennis Skirt
Halara Crossover Skirt

View on Halara

You may also want to check out the tennis skirts by Lululemon and the Baleaf tennis skirts on Amazon.

what to wear to Atlanta Open + white tennis skirt by BALEAF
BALEAF Tennis Skirt

View on Amazon

I personally love a light pink tennis skirt or a white tennis skirt to wear to the Atlanta Open. It’s cute and perfect for summer!

P.S. You may want to check out this Tennis Skirt Try on Haul to see some of my favorite tennis skirts!

2. Plain T-Shirts

Tennis is a classy sport, which means that people tend to avoid t-shirts with logos and graphics on them. Instead, opt for a simple, plain t-shirt. I personally love the Target All In Motion t-shirts. They are surprisingly affordable (under $15) and come in sizes XS up to 2XL.

lavendar t-shirt with SPF 50
Target All in Motion Shirt with SPF

View on Target

3. Long Sleeve Shirts with SPF

Depending on what time of day you got tickets to see the Atlanta Open, you will very likely be sitting in the sun. And a sunburn is no fun!! Both the Baleaf UPF shirts (on Amazon) and the Columbia UPF 50 shirts are good.

4. Cute Tank Tops

If you want to look cute at the Atlanta Open, feel free to wear a cute tank top! Lululemon has so many cute tops for women ( love the Align Tank Top!). Plus, a lightweight tank top will keep you cool. Just make sure to put on lots of sunscreen.

Lululemon Align Tank Purple + What to Wear to the Atlanta Open
Align Tank on Lululemon

5. Sneakers

You may think that you should wear cute wedges or sandals to the Atlanta Open, but there’s no need to. Simple white sneakers are 100% okay! You can either wear a cute pair of white sneakers with a tennis skirt or white sneakers with a dress.

6. Knee Length Dresses

Atlanta gets HOT in the summertime, which makes wearing a knee-length dress to the Atlanta Open just perfect! It doesn’t have to be an expensive dress either. Check out these casual dresses on Amazon or these summer dresses on Amazon for ideas on what to wear.

7. A Visor

Visors are very popular in tennis, and you’ll definitely want to protect your face from the sun at the Atlanta Open! I love the visors from Adidas (check them out here on Amazon!). Seriously…I own about 5 of them in different colors!

black Adidas visor + what to Wear to the Atlanta Open
Black Adidas Visor

View on Amazon

I personally love to wear the Adidas visors in light pink or blue for the Atlanta Open. They are just a bit more feminine. 😃

pink Adidas visor + what to wear to the Atlanta Open
Adidas Superlite Visor on Amazon


View on Amazon

8. Dressy Shorts

If tennis skirts or dresses aren’t your thing, shorts are perfect for wearing to the Atlanta Open. However, I wouldn’t recommend jean shorts. Chino shorts (like the chino shorts from J. Crew) would be just perfect. If you want more ideas on where to buy shorts, check out this YouTube video on where to buy shorts (especially for women in their 30s!).

9. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

A purse is handy if you want to pack a water and sunscreen with you, but if not – consider wearing the famous Everywhere Belt Bag by Lululemon to the Atlanta Open. It’s also perfect for wearing with a tennis skirt, a t-shirt, and sneakers!

Lululemon Belt Bag Black
Lululemon Belt Bag

View on Lululemon

If you aren’t a fan of spending $35+ on a belt bag, check out this Lululemon belt bag dupe on Amazon. I own this belt bag in pink and it’s great!

Lululemon Belt Bag Dupe
Lululemon Belt Bag Dupe (on Amazon!)


View on Amazon

What to Bring with You to the Atlanta Open

Here are some helpful things you may want to throw in your bag for an Atlanta Open tennis match!

1. Sunblock

The sun in Atlanta is a real thing in the summer! Even if you are going to one of the early evening matches at the Atlanta Open, you’ll want to wear sunscreen on your face and carry sunblock with you. I love the Banana Boat Light as Air Sunscreen for the body and the EltaMD sunscreen for the face. (Check out why EltaMD is better than La Roche Posay here!)

2. Small Water Bottle

You’ll likely get thirsty at the Atlanta Open, and you’ll save yourself quite a bit of money by packing a water bottle. As long as it’s under 20 ounces and sealed, you can bring bottled water into the Atlanta Open.

Source: Atlanta Open FAQs

3. A Hat

The sun is brutal at the Atlanta Open! Make sure to wear a hat or a visor. Trust me on this one – a hat is a MUST.

4. A Towel

In case it rains, you’ll want to bring a small towel to wipe off your seat at the Atlanta Open. If it’s hot, a small towel may come in handy for wiping off your sweat as well!

What to Wear to the Atlanta Open – For Men

If you are a guy and wondering what to wear to the Atlanta Open, have no fear. It’s pretty simple. Any pair of athletic shorts with a basic t-shirt and sneakers are perfect. If you want to be somewhat dressy and somewhat casual, check out the Lululemon shorts for men (specifically the Commission Classic-Fit 7” Shorts). These shorts are expensive, but they look AMAZING on any man (seriously!).

Lululemon Mens Shorts + What to Wear to the Atlanta Open for Men
Lululemon 7″ Commission Shorts

View on Lululemon

If you are taking a date with you to the Atlanta Open, you may want to wear chino shorts or khaki shorts and a polo shirt with sneakers.

What NOT to Wear to the Atlanta Open

Although you can be somewhat casual at the Atlanta Open, you still want to be classy. Below are things NOT to wear to the Atlanta Open.

1. Heels

Although you don’t have to walk long distances at the Atlanta Open, heels are a big no-no. You’ll just look out of place.

2. Ripped Jean Shorts

Ripped jean shorts (and ripped jeans) aren’t super classy. Avoid wearing ripped jeans at the Atlanta Open. In fact, I would avoid jean shorts altogether.

3. Graphic T-Shirts

Avoid wearing graphic t-shirts or shirts with logos at the Atlanta Open. Instead, opt for a solid-colored shirt.

Atlanta Open – Best Times and Days to Watch a Tennis Match

When tickets go on sale to go and see the Atlanta Open, it can be so overwhelming to decide which day and time to go!

For me personally, I find the earlier matches more interesting. Plus, you might get to see a newer tennis player who will be the new hot player in 2 to 3 years! For example, I got to see Frances Tiafoe at the Atlanta Open! Plus, the tickets “earlier on” are less expensive than the final matches.

Additionally, consider the time of day. I personally AVOID watching any Atlanta Open matches that start between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. It’s just way too hot and sunny in Atlanta in July. Instead, I’d recommend buying tickets to see one of the earlier matches or one of the late-night matches.

Atlanta Open – Banned Items

In case you were thinking of bringing an umbrella with you to the Atlanta Open, it is NOT allowed.

Below are a few of the things you cannot bring with you to the Atlanta Open:

  • Umbrellas
  • Backpacks
  • iPads
  • Food
  • Beverages

You can see a full list of banned items at the Atlanta Open here.

Where to Park for the Atlanta Open

The good thing about the Atlanta Open is that it is EASY and affordable to park. The Atlanta Open happens right at Atlantic Station (same place as Cirque Du Soleil), and you can park in the parking lot for the movie theater/Atlantic Station.

Parking at Atlantic Station for the Atlanta Open is about $11 for 5-6 hours and $14 for 6-7 hours. You may be able to park at the Target nearby, but you risk getting towed.

Source: Atlantic Station Parking

FAQs About the Atlanta Open

Below are a few questions you may have about the Atlanta Open.

Is there public transportation for the Atlanta Open?

Atlanta has MARTA and bus systems, but there isn’t public transportation close to Atlantic Station, which is where the Atlanta Open is held. Your best bet is to take Uber or Lyft to the Atlanta Open or to drive.

How much are tickets to the Atlanta Open?

Ticket prices at the Atlanta Open range from about $45 to $120 and up, depending on the date of the match and the seats you choose.

Is there shade at the Atlanta Open?

Most of the seats at the Atlanta Open are in the sun. If you want to be in the shade, you can pay extra for the shaded boxes.

Do famous tennis players play at the Atlanta Open?

The Atlanta Open doesn’t draw the top tennis players like the US Open, but you may be lucky and see a famous tennis player or an up-and-coming (and soon-to-be-famous!) tennis player. You can check out the Atlanta Open tennis players here.

Is there food at the Atlanta Open?

If you get hungry at the Atlanta Open, you won’t go hungry. Vendors sell food and snacks for purchase.

Are there alcoholic drinks at the Atlanta Open?

Want to sit back and watch the Atlanta Open with an alcoholic beverage? If so, you are in luck. The Atlanta Open has vendors selling alcoholic beverages.


In summary, you want to be semi-casual yet classy at the Atlanta Open. For women, a tennis skirt and a cute t-shirt with shorts and a visor is the perfect outfit. Or, you can go with a knee-length dress or a maxi dress with sandals. For men, you’ll want to wear workout shorts or classy shorts and a simple t-shirt (no graphics or logos) or a polo shirt to the Atlanta Open.

Did you go to the Atlanta Open this year? Do you plan on going? Please leave a comment below to share what you loved the most, or what surprised you about the Atlanta Open. I’d love to hear from you!

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