Want a Cheap Tennis Skirt? Check Out These 4 Tennis Skirt Apparel Brands

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4 Super Cheap Tennis Skirts!

I picked up tennis in 2018, which means I needed to buy tennis skirts. I learned that tennis is a very "fashionable” sport (according to the man at I Play Tennis), so it’s important to look good when you are out on the tennis courts. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to buy new and cute athletic wear?

Lucky for me, I discovered four amazing tennis skirt brands at a second-hand store while visiting family in Rhode Island. I’m sure that Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Under Armour, and Zella have fantastic tennis skirts; I just don’t own any tennis skirts by those tennis apparel brands. Below are the four tennis skirts I own, and lucky for you – they are affordable and cheap!

The 4 Cheap Tennis Skirt Apparel Brands I’m Loving Now

1. Jockey Tennis Skirt – A Super Cheap Tennis Skirt for Women

Jockey offers cheap, affordable, and inexpensive tennis skirts for women
Jockey Cheap Tennis Skirt

View on Amazon

I own a Jockey tennis skirt similar to the one featured above. Unfortunately, Jockey is a hard brand to find. I'd recommend searching for a Jockey tennis skirt online at Kohl’s or JC Penny. Poshmark is also a great place to find cheap tennis skirts. I found quite a few Jockey tennis skirts for only $10-$15 on Poshmark. The ones I found online at Kohl’s and JC Penny were only $20.

Below is the image of the Jockey tennis skirt I own. I wear a size medium. You may be able to find it on eBay too!

Jockey size medium tennis skirt for cheap
Jockey Tennis Skirt in Medium

2. KYODAN Tennis Skirt – A Fun, Flirty Tennis Skirt for Women

I love my KYODAN tennis skirt. I get compliments when I wear it, probably because it has just the right amount of flair and ruffle to make it feminine.

Like Jockey, KYODAN is a hard brand to find. You’ll have the best luck on eBay, Poshmark or at TJ Maxx.

I found lots of cute KYODAN tennis skirts on eBay for around $15. Check them out here.

KYODAN sells cheap and affordable tennis skirts for women
KYODAN Tennis Skirts for Women on eBay

I own the KYODAN tennis skirt in a medium, but would prefer a size small.

Kyodan tennis skirts for women are cheap and affordable and an alternative brand to lululemon tennis skirts, Adidas tennis skirts, or nike tennis skirts
Front: KYODAN Tennis Skirt
Kyodan tennis skirts for women are cheap and affordable and an alternative brand to lululemon tennis skirts, Adidas tennis skirts, or nike tennis skirts
Back: KYODAN Tennis Skirt

3. The North Face – An Unexpected Tennis Skirt Apparel Brand

The North Face tennis skirt apparel brand
The North Face Tennis Skirt I Own

View Similar Skirt on Amazon

The North Face sells tennis skirts. Who knew?! I own the tennis skirt featured above in a size small. It’s out of stock, but Amazon sells a very similar tennis skirt. Check out eBay and Poshmark too for cheap tennis skirts. The tennis skirt I own by The North Face is called the “flight series.” You may find yourself a deal on a cheap tennis skirt if you google, “North Face tennis skirt flight series."

I did a search this morning and found the EXACT tennis skirt I own in pink. So cute!

North Face Tennis Skirt on eBay is a cheap, affordable tennis skirt brand
North Face Tennis Skirt

4. Fabletics – The New Fitness Apparel Brand I’m Loving that Sells Tennis Skirts

Fabletics sells cheap and affordable tennis skirts for women and is a great tennis skirt apparel brand
Lorraine Tennis Skirt by Fabletics

View Similar Tennis Skirt on Amazon

I own the Lorraine tennis skirt by Fabletics in a size medium. Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock. I’d recommending searching for “Lorraine skirt Fabletics” on eBay and Poshmark and see what you can find. I did title this article, “cheap tennis skirts” after all. And for me, cheap means under $20, which may mean you need to buy gently worn athletic skirts.

Right now, eBay has the Lorraine tennis skirt by Fabletics on eBay for $15-20. What a find!

Fabletics Tennis Skirt for only $20 on Ebay is affordable and cheap
Fabletics Lorraine Tennis Skirt for Under $20 on eBay

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