The 3 Best Cushioned Runnings Shoes for Women Who Run on Pavement

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I love these cushy shoes!

I hate shopping for running shoes. In fact, I hate shopping for running shoes so much that I’ve been buying the same Nike Pegasus shoes for 20+ years. Not lying! I remember the Nike Pegasus shoes from 2001 and 2002 in middle school!

Now, Nike sells the Air Zoom Pegasus 36. I love how the Nike Pegasus shoes are comfortable right from the start and well-cushioned. Unfortunately, I also find that the Nike Pegasus shoes lose their “oomph” and cushioning within 2-3 months.

In search of a new running shoe, I went to Fleet Feet. The salesman was amazing. I told the salesman I wanted a comfy, well-cushioned shoe for running on pavement. My feet hurt after running on pavement, so I specifically requested he show me well-cushioned women’s running shoes for running 3-5 miles on pavement.

I did the foot analysis which took 3-5 seconds. I have relatively “normal” to narrow-sized feet and a high arch. No overpronation. The salesman pulled out three pairs of women’s running shoes and I loved all three of them! I own two pair, and plan on buying the third to mix it up. Below are the top 3 cushioned running shoes for women who run on pavement.

(This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.)

The Top 3 Cushioned Running Shoes for Women Who Run on Pavement

1. Mizuno Women’s Wave Sky Waveknit 3 Running Shoe – Best Running Shoe for Women with the Most Cushioning

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Sky Waveknit 3 Running Shoe is a well cushioned, comfortable women’s running shoe for pavement
Mizuno Wave Wave Sky Waveknit 3 – Lots of cushion and bounce for your run

I fell in love with the Mizuno Wave Sky running shoe immediately. It’s so cushy and comfortable! This is my favorite pair of running shoes for tackling hard pavement. I can also wear these shoes all day without my feet hurting. They are so springy too!

I own the pair in red (purple portion-white) and just bought another pair in light blue/gray (citadel-vapor blue). I go a size up in my running shoes, so I wear a size 10. The Mizuno women’s running shoes are $160, so they definitely aren’t cheap, but the price is 100% worth it. The shoes are bouncy and attractive too. Who wouldn’t want a pair of good-looking, attractive running shoes? Plus, I love the waveknit construction on the shoe. It looks really cool and modern.

2. On Cloudflow 2.0 – The Most Stylish and Good Looking Women’s Running Shoe with Medium Support

women’s On Cloudflow 2.0 are light-weight, comfy, well-cushioned, attractive, good-looking, and stylish women’s running shoes
On Cloudflow 2.0 Women’s Running Shoe at Fleet Feet

At first I thought the On Cloudflow running shoes looked weird. It looks like there are little legos on the bottom of the shoes! But the Cloudflow shoes grew on me after I tried them on. These running shoes  actually look better on your feet than off! The Cloudflow running shoes are quite stylish and attractive. And the mini “legos” on the bottom feel pretty cool.

I own the Cloudflow 2.0 running shoes in violet/tide, and plan on buying another pair to match my  workout and gym clothes.

The Cloudflow running shoes are quite popular now. Look around, and you’ll see that everyone is wearing them. They don’t offer as much cushion as the Mizuno running shoes, so I prefer to use these for walking. The soles also aren’t very grippy, so don’t wear these women’s running shoes outside when it’s raining.

Takeaway: If you want a solid, good pair of stylish, attractive running shoes, check out the Cloudflow running shoes for $140. The shoes are great for those seeking a neutral shoe to use as an everyday training or walking shoe.

3. New Balance 880 v9 or v10 – A Simple, Cushioned, and Good Running Shoe for Pavement

New Balance 880 Running Shoe for women is a well-cushioned running shoe for pavement
New Balance 880 Running Shoe for Women

The New Balance 880 women’s running shoe is a solid choice for a well-cushioned running shoe. This shoe reminds me a lot of the Nike Pegasus shoe in the way it looks and feels. I decided against buying this pair because I loved how cushy the Mizunos are, and I loved how stylish and cool-looking the Cloudflow shoes are. (Plus, I didn’t want to spend $300 in one day!) However, I plan on going back to Fleet Feet to buy this pair of running shoes as well. The pair in light blue (air-light cobalt-reflection) is so pretty!

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