How to Never Have a Yeast Infection and Prevent UTIs (No Probiotics Needed!)

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How to Avoid Yeast Infections

I’m lucky. I’ve never had a yeast infection or a UTI. From talking with my girlfriends, I’ve heard that yeast infections and UTIs are no fun at all.

Yeast infections and UTIs are painful and cause a burning sensation when urinating. UTIs can also cause fever, chills, and nausea.

Fortunately, my mom is a doctor and advised me on how to prevent both yeast infections and UTIs from a young age.

I’ve been following her advice since middle school, and it’s been working since. I’ve been yeast infection and UTI free for 30+ years (thanks mom!).

5 Words of Wisdom from My Mother on How to Prevent a Yeast Infection and How to Never Have a UTI

Below are the 5 things I do weekly (if not daily!) to prevent year infections and UTIs.

1. Change Your Underwear…Often (Especially After Working Out)

Calvin Klein cotton underwear is a smart choice to prevent yeast infections naturally and to prevent UTIs
Calvin Klein Cotton Underwear

To prevent yeast infections, change out of your underwear when it becomes sweaty.

How I prevent yeast infections and UTIs

  • I change my underwear immediately after working out. I keep a fresh pair of underwear (plus socks and feminine hygiene products) in my gym bag so I’m always covered.
  • I wipe myself (down there) with a washcloth, mild soap, and water if I don’t have time to shower after working out. (This is especially true on the days I work out before work.)
  • I change out of my underwear every morning because I get sweaty at night. Excessive? Probably, but tossing underwear into the washing machine is quick and easy.

2. Buy the Right Kind of Underwear

Technically, you are supposed to wear cotton underwear to prevent yeast infections. That’s because cotton underwear is breathable and doesn’t hold onto heat or moisture. FYI – Yeast loves warm, moist areas. So dry underwear equals lower probability of yeast infection.

How I Prevent Yeast Infections and UTIs

  • I don’t own cotton underwear (I prefer seamless underwear made from spandex and/or nylon), but I do buy underwear with cotton on the liner part.
  • I avoid thongs. Thongs can cause gross infections because they encourage bacteria to spread from your butt to your vagina (ick!).

Underwear Shopping Tips

  • I am loving the Danskin underwear right now for work and the gym. The underwear is not cotton, but it does have cotton on the liner part.
  • If you want to wear cute or sexy underwear, check out the Hanky Panky underwear at Nordstrom in lieu of a thong.

3. Pee Before and After Sex to Avoid Getting a UTI

UTIs affect the lower urinary tract. Like yeast infections, they are quite common among women (60% of females get UTIs and 75% of women get yeast infections). To prevent UTIs and yeast infections, pee before and after sex. Simple as that!

4. Don’t Hang Out In Your Swimsuit

Bright orange and blue swimsuit from Amazon
Summer swimsuit from Amazon

My mom used to tell me, “Christina. You need to change out of your swimsuit if you aren’t in the swimming pool.” I used to wonder why, and then she explained that wet swimsuits are a breeding ground for UTIs and yeast infections.

How to Avoid UTIs

  • After you enjoy the pool or ocean water, change out of your favorite swimsuit.
  • Don’t hang out in your swimsuit all day. Change into a cute pair of dry underwear, put on a cute sundress, throw on a hat and pretty sunglasses, and enjoy your summer weekends – free of UTIs and yeast infections.

5. Change out Your Tampons and Pads…a LOT

Swap out your tampon or pads to prevent a yeast infection naturally. I don’t care if the tampon says it’s good for up to 8-hours or up to 12-hours. Change out your pads every six hours.

6. Avoid Weird Feminine Products

I didn’t know that scented tampons existed prior to writing this article, but guess what – they do!

Avoid these weird feminine products to prevent yeast infections naturally.

Products to Avoid to Keep Yeast Affections Away

  1. Scented tampons or pads
  2. Powders and fragrant sprays for the genital area
  3. Douches (use a mild soap and water instead)

Additional Tips to Prevent Yeast Infections

WedMD has great tips for preventing yeast infections.

Tips from WebMD To Prevent Yeast Infections

  1. Use antibiotics only when you have to
  2. Avoid extra hot baths
  3. Wipe from front to back
  4. Wear loose clothing and avoid extra-tight jeans and yoga pants (I don’t follow this advice, but it’s a good suggestion!)

Ready for Summer and a NEW Topic?

Want to change topics? I get it…talking about yeast infections and UTIs is not my idea of a great Friday night conversation either.

If you are craving some new running sneaks to get in shape for summer, check out this review of the top running shoes for pavement.

Stay fit and healthy this summer!

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