Lunches Under 300 Calories – 10 Ideas with No Meal Prep Needed

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Lunches Under 300 Calories

If you want to stay under 300 calories for lunch, it IS possible. You just need to know what to buy!

Here are 10 quick lunch ideas under 300 calories.

10 Lunch Ideas Under 300 Calories

These lunch ideas are perfect for work too!

1. Simple Salad with Salmon

skinny salad under 300 calories with salmon
Salmon Salad

Simply buy a can of canned salmon and put on mixed greens.

For extra taste, add relish, peppers, salsa, balsamic vinegar, pepperoni, or crushed pepper. Add an egg for extra protein.

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2. Split Pea Soup

300 calorie split pea soup
Amy’s Split Pea Soup

Order from Whole Foods

3. HMR Vegetarian Microwaveable Meals

HMR low calorie skinny lunch meal under 300 calories
HMR Vegetarian Medley Entree

View on Amazon

4. Lentil Soup

skinny lunch meal under 300 calories
Amy’s Lentil Soup

View on Amazon

Lentil soup is SUPER healthy. It has lots of protein and fiber.

5. Vegetables with Chicken

low calorie skinny lunch under 300 calories with vegetables and chicken
Vegetables and Chicken

A bag of frozen vegetables only has 100 calories. Enjoy with chicken for protein.

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6. Veggie Spring Rolls

lunches under 300 calories
Veggie Spring Rolls

Order from Whole Foods

7. Protein Shake 

300 calorie skinny lunch and meal of protein shake
OWYN Protein Shake

Add a banana to a blender with one bottle of OWYN protein shake for a delicious smoothie.

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8. Open Faced Peanut Butter Sandwich

lunch meal under 300 calories with peanut butter and bread
Open Faced Peanut Butter Sandwich

Simply add two tablespoons of peanut butter to one slice of bread.

View Peanut Butter

View Healthy Bread

9. RXBAR and an Apple

low calorie lunch idea under 200 calories with RXBAR

Sometimes you may not have time for lunch. An RXBAR with an apple is a tasty treat.

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Order Apples from Whole Foods

10. Healthy Choice Power Bowls

healthy choice low calorie under 300 lunch and meal ideas
Healthy Choice Power Bowl

Most of these bowls have under 300 calories and are gluten free.

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Tips for Choosing Skinny, Low-Calorie Lunches Under 300 Calories

1. Look at fiber count.

Fiber helps keep you full.

2. Be careful with saturated fat.

Healthy fat (unsaturated fat) is good for you. But be careful about saturated fat. It’s the unhealthy kind that you want to avoid. Many microwaveable meals are high in saturated fat (and salt).

3. Read the serving sizes.

Is a serving size half a container or a full container? Make sure to read how big a serving size is so that you don’t overdo it on calorie count.

4. Get protein.

Make sure to get protein at lunch. It will help keep you full.

5. Watch out for the protein bars.

Many of the “diet” or “low calorie” protein bars have fake sugars (even though they say they are made of natural ingredients!!) and have additives to “add” fiber artificially.

Just avoid them and have REAL food instead.

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