The Lowest Calorie Desserts at Dairy Queen (DQ)

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Most kids love Dairy Queen (DQ). Their commercials for their ice-cream Blizzards are amazing! (Way to go DQ marketing and brand management teams!) I still remember the commercials for DQ Blizzards from when I was a kid.

Unfortunately, a DQ Blizzard is a pretty high calorie dessert option. But, Dairy Queen does have relatively low calorie desserts. If you are craving a treat, buy one of these desserts at Dairy Queen.

The Lowest Calorie Desserts at Dairy Queen – 5 Low Calorie Treats

1. DQ Ice-Cream Sandwich – 190 Calories

dairy queen ice-cream sandwich dessert nutritional information and calories
DQ Sandwich – 190 Calories

The DQ sandwich is soft-serve ice-cream between two chocolate flavored wafers. With 190 calories and 4 grams of protein, it’s surprisingly not that bad for you. Most energy bars now-a-days after 200+ calories.

2. Dilly Bar – 190 Calories

Dairy Queen (DQ) dilly bar with vanilla and chocolate ice-cream at a low 190 calories
DQ Dilly Bar – 190 Calorie Dessert

The Dilly bar is basically ice-cream dipped in chocolate. It only has 190 calories. It’s relatively high in saturated fat (8 grams), but a Dilly Bar occasionally won’t hurt you.

3. Fudge Bar – 60 Calories (Lowest Calorie Dessert at Dairy Queen)

Dairy Queen (DQ) Fudge Bar with only 60 Calories (Lowest Calorie Dessert at Dairy Queen)
Fudge Bar – The Lowest Calorie Dessert at DQ

With only 60 calories, you can order a fudge bar guilty-free. It also has 5 grams of fiber and 0 grams of saturated fat. It’s a winner all around!

4. Vanilla Orange Bar – 70 Calories (Second Lowest Calorie Dessert)

Dairy Queen (DQ) Vanilla Orange Bar with only 70 Calories for dessert (Second Lowest Calorie Dessert)
Vanilla Orange Bar – 70 Calories (Second Lowest Calorie Dessert)

After the chocolate fudge bar, the vanilla orange bar is a great DQ classic. It has 70 calories, 0 grams of saturated fat, 6 grams of fiber (which is a lot!!), and only 4 grams of sugar. Order the Vanilla Orange Bar at Dairy Queen if you are counting calories and want to keep sugar count low.

5. Kid’s Ice Cream Cone – 170 Calories

Dairy Queen Kid’s vanilla Ice Cream Cone with 170 Calories for dessert and a treat
Kid’s Ice Cream Cone – 170 Calories

A kid’s ice-cream cone only has 17 and 5 grams of protein. That’s not bad! If you get a small instead, the calorie count is 230.

Bonus Option: Orange Julius Original – 200 Calories

Orange Julius Original from Dairy Queen with high sugar and 200 Calories
Orange Julius Original – 200 Calories

 It’s loaded with sugars and has 0 grams of dietary fiber, but a small Orange Julia at DQ does only have 200 calories. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it is a low-calorie dessert option.

Desserts to Avoid at Dairy Queen

1. Small Ice-Cream Shakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, Caramel, and More)

Small Ice-Cream Shakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, Caramel, and More) at Dairy Queen
Avoid Ice-Cream Shakes at DQ for Dessert

A small ice-cream shake may seem like a smart choice, but it’s not! Even the small shakes have 500+ calories. That’s more than a cheese hamburger from McDonald’s and more than a Kid’s Happy Meal!

2. MooLattes (Latte Smoothies)

Dairy Queen MooLattes (Latte Smoothies)
MooLattes (Latte Smoothies) are High in Calories

Even the small MooLattes have 400-500 calories. Don’t order them at DQ if you want a low-calorie dessert.

3. Fruit Smoothies at Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen raspberry and strawberry fruit smoothie with high sugar content
Fruit Smoothies are High in Sugar and Calories

I recommend staying away from fruit smoothies at ANY quick-service restaurant or fast food restaurant. They are usually just sugar. Even the small strawberry smoothie from Dairy Queen has 45 grams of sugar and only 1 gram of fiber. You are better off having a banana or Greek yogurt.

How Many Calories are in a DQ Blizzard Anyway?

The small Oreo Blizzard with ice-cream and oreos at Dairy Queen (DQ) with 420 calories
Small Oreo Blizzard = 710 Calories!

Curious how many calories are in a classic Dairy Queen Blizzard? A small OREO Cookie Blizzard has 710 calories. So yeah…probably best to avoid a DQ Blizzard unless you just ran 7 miles and want to treat yourself.

calories and nutritional info for a small Dairy Queen oreo ice-cream Blizzard
720 Calories in a Small Blizzard

Want More Low-Calorie Desserts to Buy? Consider Any of These Options.

If you have a sweet tooth and want a low-calorie dessert, I highly recommend you stay away from foods in the grocery store with low calorie, reduced sugar, or diet on the packaging. These desserts are often packed with fake sugars that will mess up your food cravings.

Instead, opt for a REAL dessert.

Lower calorie desserts include ice-cream sandwiches, frozen fruit pops, fudge bars, and ice-cream bars.

Lots of love!

Chrissy from The Jeans Fit

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