Healthy Picnic Food Ideas

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Are you planning an outside picnic this spring, summer, or fall? Picnics are a fun way to socialize with family and friends (or a date!). Plus, packing your own food can be MUCH healthier than eating out at a restaurant.

Continue reading to get healthy picnic food ideas.

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Healthy Picnic Foods to Buy – Picnic Foods Ideas

Here are easy to order, healthy picnic foods.

1. Fruit: Sliced Apples or Clementines for Easy to Pack Picnics

Apples are packed with fiber and clementines are high in vitamin C. 

clementines as a health picnic foods ideas for an outdoor picnic and a great picnic food to buy that doesn't need refrigeration
Clementines – Great Picnic Food Idea

Both fruits make for a healthy picnic food. Plus, they are easy to pack!

Get Tasty Clementines from Whole Foods

Have Apples Delivered

2. Vegetables: Cucumbers and Tomatoes for Your Picnic Foods List

Grape tomatoes are great to pack for picnics because you don’t need to cut them up!

grape tomatoes as a healthy picnic food ideas and a picnic food that is easy to pack for a date, a picnic food for toddlers, or a picnic food for couples on an outdoor covid date
Grape Tomatoes – Healthy and Easy Picnic Food to Pack

Cucumbers are super low in calories and tomatoes are high in vitamin C. 

Buy Cucumbers from Whole Foods

Get Red Tomatoes Delivered

3. Protein: Sliced Turkey as a Healthy Picnic Food to Buy

Peppered turkey breast is prefect for a healthy charcuterie board, and much healthier and lower in fat than salami, sausage, and prosciutto.

Get Healthy Sliced Turkey from Whole Foods

If you want to indulge, buy the prosciutto. It’s still healthy!

Prosciutto from Whole Foods for a picnic foods idea and a healthy picnic food to buy from Whole Foods to make picnic foods easy to buy
Prosciutto from Whole Foods – Crowd Pleaser

Order Prosciutto from Whole Foods

4. Picnic Entrée: Turkey Wrap or Veggie Rolls

If you want a more substantial picnic food, get a sandwich or a wrap with lean chicken or turkey from Whole Foods.

veggie wraps from Whole Foods as a creative picnic foods idea and a healthy picnic foods list item for the beach, a picnic food for pregnancy, and a picnic food to buy
Veggie Roll for a Healthy Vegetarian Picnic Idea 

If you are vegetarian, get a veggie roll.

Order Veggie Rolls from Whole Foods

Order Turkey Wrap from Whole Foods

5. Healthy Carbohydrates: Gluten Free Wheat Free Crackers for Picnic Foods Made Easy

A picnic isn’t a picnic without some crackers to snack on!

healthy gluten free and vegan crackers for a picnic foods ideas to add to your picnic foods list as a food that won't spoil in heat and a healthy picnic food for pregnancy
Gluten Free, Vegan Crackers

Unlike other crackers, the Mary’s Gone Crackers have fiber (3 grams) and are low in saturated fat. Plus, they are gluten free, wheat free, and organic!

Buy Gluten Free Crackers from Whole Foods

6. Beverage: La Croix for Your Picnic List

You can’t go wrong with La Croix. It will be a crowd pleaser at any picnic.

La Croix as a picnic drinks idea and picnic foods idea in the UK, and a picnic foods to buy for a crowd, for the beach, and for picnic drinks for pregnant women
La Croix – Perfect for Picnics at the Beach

Buy La Croix from Amazon

La Croix is a healthy beverage with zero calories and no fake sugars added. Plus, La Croix is easy to pack for a picnic day at the beach.

7. Something Sweet at a Picnic: Blueberries

fresh blueberries from Whole Foods as a healthy picnic food for pregnancy and a healthy picnic food for toddlers as a creative picnic foods idea to add to your picnic foods shopping list
Fresh Blueberries for a Healthy Dessert

There’s nothing like fresh blueberries. They aren’t a dessert…but hey! They are sweet, healthy, and a fun treat.

View Fresh Berries from Whole Foods

Picnic Foods that Don’t Need Refrigeration

picnic foods that don't require refrigeration and picnic foods that won't spoil in heat as part of a picnic foods list by The Jeans Fit

You are in luck if you are in search of healthy picnic foods that don’t require refrigeration. Pack the following foods and snacks for a picnic that won’t spoil in the heat.

1. Almonds – Healthy Snack for Picnics

almonds from Whole Foods as a healthy picnic food that won't spoil in heat and a picnic food that doesn't need refrigeration; also a great healthy picnic food idea for pregnancy and the beach
Almonds as an Easy Picnic Snack – No Refrigeration Required

Almonds are high in protein and healthy fats. Order the salted almonds if you like extra flavor.

Get Tasty Almonds from Whole Foods

2. Olives – Great Picnic Food

olives as a healthy picnic food list item that won't spoil in the heat and a picnic food that doesn't require refrigeration
Kalamata Olives from Whole Foods

Olives are a healthy snack with vitamin E and antioxidants. Just make sure to buy the pitless olives!

View Delicious Kalamata Olives

3. Smoked Salmon – High Protein, Healthy Picnic Food

smoked salmon as a creative, healthy picnic foods idea and picnic foods that doesn't require refrigeration
Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is high in protein and filled with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Keep it cool, and then toss it into your picnic bag. An extra benefit…smoked salmon is light weight!

Buy Smoked Salmon from Whole Foods

4. Apples – a Great Picnic (or Anytime!) Healthy Snack

Most people like Fuji apples. They are slightly sweet, high in fiber, and crunchy.

Get Crunchy Apples from Whole Foods

5. Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich – No Fear of Spoilage in the Heat!

peanut butter sandwich for a beach picnic food that doesn't require refrigeration and a picnic lunch that won't spoil in the heat at the beach
Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich for a Beach Picnic

Go with a peanut butter and banana sandwich if you want a tasty picnic sandwich. A PB&B sandwich is simple, quick, and easy to pack for a picnic. Plus, the peanut butter packs protein and the banana has potassium.

Buy Peanut Butter

Buy Banana

Buy Whole Grain Bread

Picnic Foods for Date – Picnic Food Ideas for Two and Couples

couple on a picnic date outside and enjoying healthy picnic foods as a covid outside picnic idea in the UK and date idea in NYC during covid
Picnic Foods for a Date and Picnic Food Ideas for Couples

Are you planning a date and searching for picnic foods to pack?

Check out this article by Dating Snippets for picnic food ideas to pack on a date. You can also find a picnic food list for couples.

Picnic Foods for Couples on a Date

Picnic Food Ideas for Larger Groups

large group enjoying a picnic with healthy picnic foods and picnic foods for larger groups
Picnic Food Ideas for Larger Groups and Crowds

If you are planning a picnic for a larger group, you’ll want to include kid-friendly picnic food and filling pasta salads. Pasta salad isn’t healthy, but it is popular among larger crowds.

Best Picnic Foods for Larger Crowds

The best picnic foods for large crowds include a HUGE watermelon (because when else can you eat a whole one?), potato salad (even if it isn’t super healthy), a vegetarian lasagna with cheese, and a big cake (because it’s fun!).

Gigantic Watermelon

Potato Salad

Lasagna with Cheese

Family Size Cake

Healthy Picnic Food List

Want a picnic food list of everything recommended in this article? 

Download the list of healthy picnic food ideas.

Picnic Foods to Buy – List

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Healthy Picnic Foods List and picnic food ideas from Whole Foods and Amazon with free delivery by The Jeans Fit (a fitness and health blog for women)
Healthy Picnic Foods List by The Jeans Fit

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