Where to Play Pickleball in Atlanta (My Top Picks!)

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where to play pickleball in Atlanta

I’m a big fan of tennis (I play on both USTA and ALTA teams in Atlanta), but I recently picked up pickleball and LOVE it! It’s a bit more sociable than tennis (in my opinion), and it’s super easy to pick up!

But where does one play to play pickleball in Atlanta? Continue reading to find where to play pickleball in Atlanta as well as my favorite places to play pickleball in Atlanta.

Atlanta Pickleball Courts (Play for Free)

Below are some of the places to play pickleball for free in Atlanta.

  • Hammond Park in Sandy Springs, GA (has permanent pickleball nets too!)
  • Show Park in Marietta, GA

If I’m missing a place, please let me know!

Atlanta Pickleball Courts (Pay to Reserve a Court)

Pickleball Players at Agape Tennis Center + Where to Play Pickleball in Atlanta
Agape Tennis Center

It can be hard to find a place to play pickleball in Atlanta, so I’d recommend paying to reserve a court if you want to play pickleball. Below are a few places where you can reserve a court in Atlanta to play pickleball.

  • Bitsy Grant Tennis Center in Buckhead (has permanent pickleball nets set up)
  • Sharon Lester Tennis Center (has pickleball nets that you need to set up)
  • DeKalb Tennis Center (has pickleball nets that you need to set up)

If you know of any more places where you can pay to reserve a pickleball court in the Atlanta area, please leave a comment below and I’ll update this list!

Indoor Pickleball Courts in Atlanta

Want to play pickleball in the winter? Here are some indoor pickleball courts to check out.

  • Grant Park Recreation Center (4 indoor pickleball courts)
  • East Lake Family YMCA (4 indoor pickleball courts)
  • Decatur Family YMCA (3 indoor pickleball courts)

If you are aware of more places to play pickleball inside Atlanta, please leave a comment below and I’ll update this list!

How to Get Involved in Pickleball in Atlanta – My #1 Recommendation

My #1 recommendation for getting involved in pickleball in Atlanta is to join the Atlanta Pickleball Club. It’s amazing!! For a small dollar amount, you pay to join the club. 😀

Once you are a member, you can play for free at one of their MANY pickleball round robins around the city. They have people (and large groups) that play at Piedmont Park, Washington Park, Central Park, Peachtree Hills, and more.

Plus, Nancy and Tim (two of the founders) are so, so nice!!

Seriously, joining the Atlanta Pickleball Club is the best way to 1) get involved in pickleball in Atlanta and 2) play at many locations in Atlanta.

Lastly, Atlanta Pickleball Club is lobbying for the city of Atlanta to build pickleball courts so that people don’t have to take over the tennis courts.

Note: Once you join Atlanta Pickleball Club, you’ll need to set up an account with Pickleheads. Pickleheads is where you go to RSVP for many of their round-robin pickleball events. Also, ask to join some of the GroupMe’s for the smaller pickleball open-play events.

Competitive Pickleball Play in Atlanta

Want to play actual matches with pickleball in Atlanta? If yes, you are in luck! ALTA recently expanded to include pickleball, as did USTA.

I personally haven’t done this yet…I’ll stick to tennis for competition. But you can find out more about ALTA pickleball here and USTA pickleball here. If you join one of these pickleball leagues, you’ll have set match times and dates for formal pickleball matches.

My Favorite Pickleball Club in Atlanta

Atlanta Pickleball Club + Where to Play Pickleball in Atlanta
People I Play with at Piedmont Park!

If you want to get involved in pickleball in Atlanta, my #1 recommendation is to join the Atlanta Pickleball Club, especially if you live inside the perimeter (ITP). They have tons of round robins 3-5 days a week at several locations in Buckhead, Midtown (Piedmont Park), downtown (Central Park), and Washington Park (by Vine City).

Pickleball Leagues in Atlanta

Want to play pickleball in an actual league, with assigned games and times?

If yes, you have options! Below are a few official pickleball leagues that you can join.

1. ALTA Pickleball

ALTA is no longer just for tennis! ALTA recently started an ALTA pickleball league that you can join.

2. USTA Pickleball

USTA runs pickleball leagues out of Piedmont Park, Sandy Spring Tennis Center, Bitsy Grant, Fair Oaks Tennis Center, TA, EE Robinson (Suwanee), and Atlanta Pickleball Center (in Midtown).

3. Atlanta Sport and Social Club

Atlanta Sport and Social Club has lots of recreational sports leagues in Atlanta (like kickball, soccer, softball, and volleyball) and they recently added pickleball to their leagues.

Note: I’ve done rec leagues through Atlanta Sport and Social Club a LOT. In my experience, most people are under 25 years old and the leagues aren’t the most organized/best run. You’ll have a good time – but the games may not be as organized as other pickleball leagues.

Where to Learn How to Play Pickleball in Atlanta

Want to play pickleball, but have no clue how to play? To start, I’d recommend checking out this YouTube video with a SUPER simple “how to play pickleball” tutorial.

If you want lessons, check out the pickleball lessons at Agape Tennis Center. I’d also recommend reaching out to Tim Ball at tallenball26(at)gmail.com. He’s super nice and friendly! (Tell him that Christina from the Atlanta Pickleball Club sent you!).

Pickleball in St. Petersburg, FL – Where to Play and the Best Coach

P.S. If you are traveling to St. Petersburg, Florida, or to Gulfport, Florida – leave a comment below. I’ll share the contact information of my favorite pickleball coach (his name is Brandon!) in the St. Petersburg, FL area and tips on where to play!

How to Meet Pickleball Players in Atlanta

If you want to meet pickleball players in Atlanta, I’d recommend joining the Atlanta Pickleball Club. You’ll meet TONS of friendly people who love to play pickleball! Another option is to take the lessons at Agape Tennis Center or the Sandy Springs Tennis Center.

Best Pickleball Paddles for Intermediate Players Under $100

If you want to play pickleball in Atlanta, you’ll need a paddle.

There are so, so many pickleball paddles out there…it is overwhelming! I’d recommend spending $50-60 on a paddle to get started. If you pay less than that, you’ll end up with a paddle that’s not very usable.

The two best pickleball paddles for intermediate players under $100 are the ONIX Graphic Z5 and the Head Radial Elite Pickleball Paddle. Both of these paddles are around $65. The ONIX paddle and the Head pickleball paddle are also VERY popular among pickleball players. You’ll notice that many intermediate pickleball players play with these paddles.

1. ONIX Graphic Z5: Best Pickleball Paddle for Intermediate Players on Amazon

The ONIX Graphite Z5 paddle comes in 10+ colors on Amazon, is under $75, and is a fantastic beginner or intermediate paddle. If you are just starting to play pickleball and want something that is great for both beginners and intermediate players, then this is the paddle to buy.

2. Head Radial Elite Pickleball Paddle: Best Intermediate Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Players

You really can’t go wrong with a Head paddle for pickleball. The Head pickleball paddle is under $75 on Amazon and a great choice for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced pickleball players.


In summary, pickleball is quickly becoming popular in Atlanta. If you want to get involved in pickleball, my #1 recommendation would be to join the Atlanta Pickleball Club. If you want to take lessons, check out Agape Tennis Center or Sandy Springs Tennis Center. And finally, there are several tennis courts in Atlanta that you can play pickleball at.

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