Boba Tea Calories and How to Order a Low-Calorie Boba Tea

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Boba Tea Calories and Flavors
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Boba tea is so, so yummy! But is boba tea healthy?

Boba tea is by no means a low-calorie treat, but boba tea is a relatively healthy treat.

Most boba teas have around 300 calories, and some boba teas have fewer calories than that.

Continue reading to find the lowest-calorie boba teas, the number of calories in popular boba teas, and tips on how to order a low-calorie boba tea.

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What is Boba Tea? (AKA, Bubble Tea)

What is Bubba Tea
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In case you haven’t heard of boba tea, you may be wondering, “what is boba tea?”

Boba tea (AKA bubble tea) is a cold, sweet beverage from Taiwan.

Boba tea tends to have a milk base with tea, water, sugar, and toppings. The most popular boba tea topping is tapioca pearls, but jelly toppings and popping boba toppings are available too.

10 Lowest Calorie Boba Teas

It can be hard to figure out the lowest-calorie boba teas, as each boba tea store is different!

However, below are 10 boba teas that tend to have the least calories.

This bubble tea nutritional information is based on a large-size bubble tea from Kung Fu Tea.

lowest calorie boba tea at Keng Fu Tea
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Note: Below is just a sampling of boba tea flavors.

Boba tea comes in so many flavors and varieties! Other common boba teas include black tea, matcha tea, mango tea, taro tea, jasmine tea, lychee tea, and strawberry bubble tea.

Boba Teas with the Least Calories (at Keng Fu Tea)

  1. Winter Melon Milk Green Tea – 202 Calories
  2. Oolong Milk Tea – 203 Calories
  3. Almond Milk Tea – 289 Calories
  4. Green Tea – 302 Calories
  5. Kung Fu Milk Tea – 302 Calories
  6. Thai Milk Tea – 302 Calories
  7. Coffee Milk Tea – 305 Calories
  8. Honey Milk Tea – 324 Calories
  9. Honey Milk Green Tea – 324 Calories
  10. Honey Oolong Milk Tea – 324 Calories

The two highest-calorie boba teas from Kung Fu Tea are coconut milk tea (526 calories), taro milk tea (406 calories), and taro milk green tea (406 calories).

Popular Boba Tea Toppings

The most popular boba tea toppings are tapioca pearls, popping boba, and jelly toppings.

1. Tapioca

Tapioca Pearls for Boba Tea
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Tapioca pearls are the traditional topping for boba chewy. Tapioca is chewy, dark purple, and doesn’t have much flavor. If you want to make boba tea at home, you can buy tapioca pearls on Amazon.

The tapioca pearls have the most calories out of all the boba tea toppings.

If you love tapioca, you can buy boba tea tapioca pearls on Amazon.

2. Popping Boba

Popping Boba for Boba Tea Toppings
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Popping boba literally “pops” in your mouth. Popping boba is flavored and a fun boba tea topping! Poppa boba flavors may include mango, blueberry, peach, and strawberry.

If you love popping boba, you can buy popping bob pearls on Amazon.

3. Jelly Toppings

Jelly toppings or jelly cubes are common in herbal and fruit-flavored boba teas.

Lowest Calorie Boba Tea Toppings

Most boba tea toppings range from 40 calories to 200 calories.

Below are standard boba tea toppings offered by Kung Fu Tea (a popular bubble tea chain) and the calories per boba tea topping.

In general, the jelly toppings have the least calories, and the popping bubbles have the highest number of calories.

  1. Aloe Jelly – 42 Calories
  2. Lychee Crystal Bubbles – 54 Calories
  3. Mango Jelly – 79 Calories
  4. Nata Jelly – 79 Calories
  5. Pudding – 87 Calories
  6. Oreo– 93 Calories
  7. Popping Bubbles (Popping Boba) – 104-115 Calories
  8. Herbal Jelly – 111 Calories
  9. Red Bean – 125 Calories
  10. Milk Cap – 324 Calories

If you want to order a low-calorie boba tea, order aloe jelly at a bubble tea store.

Sources: Kung Fu Tea Nutritional Info and

What Kind of Milk Is Used in Boba Tea?

Condensed Tea for Making Boba Tea
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Many boba teas are made with condensed milk, which is a sugary, cream, thickly textured milk. Condensed milk has about 130 calories for 2 tbsp and 22 grams of sugar. It is sweet!

For a lower-calorie boba tea drink, ask if your boba tea can be made with almond milk or soy milk instead.

How to Order a Low-Calorie Boba Tea

A standard boba tea will have around 350 calories, but you can influence how many calories are in your bubble tea.

When you go to order a bubble tea, you’ll likely be asked to choose your size, toppings, sugar level, and ice level.

1. Order a Smaller Size

A quick way to order a low-calorie boba tea is to order a size small vs. a size medium or a size large.

2. Choose the Right Milk

Boba tea usually comes in different flavors of milk tea. In general, oolong milk tea and almond milk tea has the least calories. The taro milk tea has the most calories.

If you have the option, ask for almond milk or soy milk instead.

3. Be Careful with Toppings

Next, be careful about your boba tea toppings. Tapioca pearls are tasty but tend to be high in calories. Instead of ordering tapioca pearls, go with a jelly topping or the popping boba.

4. Choose a Low Sugar Level

Boba tea can be really sweet. Ask for zero sugar or little sugar in your boba tea.

5. Add Ice

Ice has zero calories and takes up space in your boba tea. To order a lower calorie boba tea, ask for regular ice.

If you aren’t sure what to order, go with whatever the “classic” milk tea/classic bubble tea is.

Bubble Tea Calories vs. Boba Tea Calories

You may be wondering if bubble tea or boba tea is healthier. What’s the difference?

Bubble tea and boba tea are the same drink. Most people in the United States use the term “boba tea.”

However, bubble tea is sometimes used by people who live in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland.

Source: Google trends  

The Life Balance burger (aka the Giardiniera Burger) from the Life Balance menu has 596 calories, 30 grams of protein, and 1 gram of fiber.

Lowest Calorie Boba Tea at Home

Love boba tea, but want to make it at home?

Thankfully, you can make healthy and low-calorie boba tea at home.

All you need are tapioca boba pearls, almond milk, and reduced-sugar latte mix.

Tapioca Boba Pearls

Almond Milk

Reduced Sugar Vanilla Chai

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