The Top 5 Diet-Friendly, Affordable Foods at Trader Joe’s

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I’ve never been into meal prepping and spending 25-35 minutes cooking dinner each night. Instead, I keep it simple and follow a basic diet. I’ve routinely shop at Trader Joe’s, Target, Aldi, and Kroger to find the best things to buy at each stores. I regular visit Trader Joe’s (it’s walking distance of me!) and have discovered the best Trader Joe’s products with simple ingredients. Below are the top five diet-friendly, affordable things and healthy snacks to buy at Trader Joe’s.

The Top 5 Diet-Friendly, Affordable, and Healthy Foods at Trader Joe’s

1. Eggs – Best Trader Joe’s Healthy Snack

I love eggs. I eat at least three eggs daily, because they make a diet-friendly, affordable snack. Plus, it’s very quick and easy to make scrambled eggs! I buy the Lathem Family Farms eggs at Trader Joe’s. For only $1.38, you can’t go wrong. The eggs are additive and hormone free and locally produced in Pendergrass, Georgia. They make a great buy!

2. Frozen Brussel Sprouts – Great Thing to Buy at Trader Joe’s

Usually Aldi beats out grocery stores on fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, but the frozen Brussel sprouts at Trader Joe’s are actually cheaper. For only $.99 a bag, it’s a steal! The whole bag only has 200 calories and more than 100% of your daily vitamin C and fiber. I love them.

Why I love the Trader Joe’s brussel sprouts as a diet food

  1. Only 200 calories per package.
  2. 60% of your daily fiber! The Trader Joe’s Brussel sprouts have 3 grams of fiber per serving, and there are 5 servings per package.
  3. Quick to make. I throw the Brussel sprouts into a bowl and microwave for 3-4 minutes. It’s easy.
  4. Great texture. Other frozen Brussel sprouts are a bit too soft. They seem more like frozen vegetables. Not the ones from Trader Joe’s!
  5. High vitamin C, iron, and vitamin A content. With a whole bag of Brussel sprouts, you’ll get 500% of your vitamin C, 30% of your daily iron, and 50% of your vitamin A.

3. Trader Joe’s Turkey Burgers – Best Trader Joe’s Quick Lunch Item

Trader Joe's turkey burgers are a great diet friendly food and a top Trader Joe's thing to buy
Trader Joe’s Turkey Burgers

Sometimes I crave a burger, but want to keep it under 200 calories. This is where the Trader Joe’s Turkey burgers are perfect. They have 180 calories and taste delicious. The ingredients are simple: just turkey, kosher salt, and rosemary extract.

Reasons to love the Trader Joe’s turkey burgers

  1. Higher fat content = deliciousness. I don’t get much fat in my diet, so I appreciate a turkey burger that tastes like a burger. The Trader Joe’s turkey burgers have 10 grams of fat per burger, but only 2.5 grams of saturated fat.
  2. Simple ingredients. The turkey burgers have 3 ingredients: turkey, kosher salt, and rosemary extract.
  3. No carbs. I follow a high protein diet with lots of vegetables, apples, and milk. The turkey burgers have 22 grams of protein, which is pretty good.

4. Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Chicken Burgers – Delicious Trader Joe’s Healthy Food

I love eating lean chicken, turkey, and steak. The Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Chicken burgers are great and come in at only 150 calories. With 19 grams of protein and only 2 grams of saturated fat, I make this a common lunch staple.

5. Trader Joe’s Soy Protein Powder – Best Diet-Friendly Protein Powder to Buy at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's soy protein powder is a great diet-friendly protein powder that is soy-free
Trader Joe’s Vanilla Soy Protein Powder

I’ve tried 15+ different brands of protein powders over the span of 10 years, and the Trader Joe’s soy protein powder in vanilla is the best. For only $16 for 2 pounds, the Trader Joe’s protein powder is a great buy!

Top 5 reasons to buy the vanilla protein powder at Trader Joe’s

  1. Great flavor: The vanilla flavor tastes delicious, and it doesn’t have the horrible aftertaste of many protein powders.
  2. No fake sugar or artificial sweetener. It’s almost impossible to find a protein powder without stevia, Splenda, sucralose, or erythritol. I avoid fake sugars due to bloating.
  3. Affordable. For only $16, the Trader Joe’s protein powder is much easier on the wallet than any protein powder you’ll find online or at a fitness drugstore.
  4. Added vitamins. The Trader Joe’s protein powder has 35% or more of your daily value of vitamin A, C, E, K, B6 and B12. It also has almost 50% of your iron (amazing!) and large amounts of riboflavin, folate, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.
  5. 23 grams of protein, less than 1g of sugar, and only 2 grams of carbohydrates. Talk about a winner!

Shopping Tip: Trader Joe’s also has a pea protein powder that comes in an almost identical container as their soy protein powder. Don’t pick up the wrong thing at Trader Joe’s!

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