5 Healthy Fast-Casual Places for Lunch in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA)

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5 Healthy Fast-Casual Places for Lunch in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA)

If you work in Buckhead (or live in Buckhead and are working from home!), you may be craving a healthy lunch. Maybe something fancier than Chipotle or a Subway salad. Something along the lines of…fast casual or a quick service restaurant.

Below are five healthy places to grab lunch in Buckhead, and what to order off the menu.

5 Healthy Places for a Quick Lunch in Buckhead (Atlanta, Ga)

1. Flower Child – Close to Lenox Mall in Buckhead

healthy bowl from Flower Child for lunch in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA)
Flower Child Mother Earth Bowl

Flower Child is my favorite lunch (and dinner!) casual spot in Buckhead. It’s right near Dantanna’s and Lenox Mall. EVERYTHING on their menu is healthy. I love their Turkey & Avocado Cobb salad with the dressing on the side, and their Mother Earth bowl is popular.

2. True Food Kitchen – Outside Lenox Mall

healthy lunch salad from True Food kitchen in Buckhead by Lenox Mall
True Food Kitchen Salad

 True Food Kitchen is right outside of Lenox mall and has great patio seating. They serve seasonal fare and have lots of salads and healthy bowls to choose from, including gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan lunch options! I’d recommend the Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl or their grilled sustainable salmon.

3. Cafe Agora – Near the Buckhead Shops

Chicken Kabob from Cafe Agora in Buckhead for a healthy lunch with lettuce and lean meat
Lunch at Cafe Agora

Cafe Agora is a Turkish, Greek, and Mediterranean restaurant. I’d recommend their chicken kebab for lunch or the salmon plate.

4. NaanStop – By Atlanta Tech Village

Salad Bowl at NaanStop in Buckhead by Tower Place and Atlanta Tech Village
Bowl at NaanStop in Buckhead by Tower Place

 NaanStop sells fresh, healthy Indian food. NaanStop is like the Indian version of Chipotle. Create your own bowl with chicken, lentils, and chutney for a healthy lunch.

5. Jason’s Deli – Near Disco Kroger and Tower Place in Buckhead

Salmon Salad at Jason's Deli in Buckhead Atlanta near Tower Place and Kroger and Atlanta Tech Village
Salmon Salad at Jason’s Deli

Jason’s Deli has an AMAZING salad bar for lunch with fresh lettuce, cottage cheese, eggs, pickles, beans, nuts, and more. If you want a big, healthy lunch – Jason’s Deli is the place to go.

Or, order their salmon salad. It’s delicious!

Two More Restaurants Near Lenox Mall – Fresh to Order and St. Cecilia’s

Fresh to Order is also a great lunch spot, especially if you are going out with a large group of coworkers! I did not include this on my list, as the Buckhead location is currently closed (as of August 2020).

St. Cecilia’s is also a great lunch spot, but it is currently closed for lunch with COVID.

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Now go out and enjoy lunch!

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