10 Tips to NOT Gain Weight While Working from Home during Coronavirus

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We’re in this Together. Let’s Make the Jeans Fit!

Coronavirus has most of us working from home, which can be a great thing. There’s no need to get dressed up in the morning and there’s no daily commute. You can wear sweat-pants at home and do laundry between conference calls (talk about multi-tasking!). Unfortunately, working from home also means the refrigerator is within walking distance. Have a 5 minute break? Why not get a snack?

If you are like me, you want your jeans to fit when you return to work. I would hate to get ready for work on a Monday, and realize that my skirt is too tight. I plan on NOT gaining weight while I continue to work from home. If anything, this may actually be the perfect time for many of you to lose weight. How? Continue reading for 10 tips to NOT gain weight while working from home during coronavirus.

10 Tips to NOT Gain Weight While Working from Home

1. Turn Off the News during Coronavirus

Studies show that people who watch the news are more depressed. Newspapers want to get attention. To get attraction, the news highlights the most violent, depressing, heart-breaking stories. Depression and stress increases cortisol, which causes weight gain.

You already know that you need to wash your hands and avoid close contact with others, so turn off the TV. Instead, listen to cheerful music and enjoy your coffee at home.

2. Block Time for Fitness to Avoid Weight Gain

I love Pure Barre, and I used to go each day at 7:00am. Now, there’s no one “checking in” on me if I skip my AM workout. My solution? I block time on both my work and personal calendar from 7am-8:30am each day. I use this time for ME. It’s my designated time to work out.

3. Find an Accountability Buddy to Stay Fit

Make plans to stay active and workout with a friend to not gain weight during coronavirus
Me and my friend Danielle on a morning run

I schedule regular AM morning runs with my best friend Danielle. We have fun, and I know that I can’t skip our AM workout together. Make plans with a workout buddy to go on a walk, or take a slow jog together weekly.

4. Take Long Walks with Your Extra Time

Your weekends and evening are likely free and open. Use that extra time to take a long walk. Listen to a podcast or check out an audiobook. I love using my AirPods while listening to audiobooks. I’m listening to Work It Out by Mel Robbins now and LOVED Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo.

5. Go Easy On Yourself While Working From Home

Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, especially when working from home.

So go easy on yourself! Take a break when you need it. Take a bath. Go on a 5- minute walk when a meeting ends early. Practice self-care. Search YouTube for an online yoga video. Stress can cause weight gain, so take deep breaths and take a break when you need it.

6. Stay In Touch with Friends and Family

Facetime with family to stay healthy and not gain weight while working from home and coronavirus
FaceTime with My Nephew

By staying in touch with friends, I mean via Facetime, phone calls, or group chats. Call a friend to stay connected. It will boost your spirits and improve your mood. Many people eat when they are emotionally upset, so it’s key to keep your spirits high to avoid weight gain.

7. Eat Healthy Meals at Regular Times When Working From Home

It’s so easy to grab a snack and eat at odd times when working from home. I know that my schedule is personally out of whack. I’ve been going to bed at 8:45pm and waking up at 4am each day! But try your best to limit snacking to healthy options (like an apple, carrots with peanut butter, of yogurt) and to eat regular meals at reasonable times at home. If you snack all day, you will likely gain weight while working from home.

To make it easier, buy some yummy, healthy goods. I’ve been treating myself to the $4 Amy’s Organic Brown Rice bowls and the new Healthy Choice Power Bowls. Or, support a local business and use a meal delivery service to order a big salad with the dressing on the side. Treat yourself to something new, delicious, and healthy to avoid gaining weight.

8. Take Advantage of Your Work From Home Time to Lose Weight

I actually find it easier to NOT gain weight while working from home. When a meeting ends early, I go outside and take a 5-10 minute walk as my schedule allows. I take my whole 1-hour lunch break to take a walk too.

If you are on a long conference call where you don’t need to talk, why not put in your headphones and take it while walking outside? I have an 8:30am meeting three times a week with 25+ people, so I take advantage of that time to enjoy a nice AM walk outside while listening to the birds. (Just make sure to mute yourself!) Or, fold and put your laundry away while listening to a long conference call. I’m all about multi-tasking!

9. Weigh Yourself Daily to NOT Gain Weight While Working from Home

Yunmai scale to weigh yourself daily to not gain weight while working from home during coronavirus
Yunmai Smart Scale

When you put on your work clothes or squeeze into tight jeans for a night out, you likely will notice if you are gaining weight. With working from home during coronavirus, you may not notice the weight gain! Stay on track by weighing yourself daily. Remember that day-to-day fluctuations are normal (within 5 pounds), but week-to-week fluctuations are an indicator that it’s time to cut back on the calories and increase the exercise.

10. Give Yourself Three Positive Affirmations Each Night

You may hate working from home. You may get upset. Each night before you go to bed, tell yourself three things that you did well that day. And they can be small!

Positive Affirmations Might Be

– I didn’t run today, but I did walk for 30 minutes. That’s an accomplishment!

– I ate more calories today than I’d like, but I did skip the ice-cream for dessert.

– I had a healthy breakfast this morning and vegetables at lunch. That’s good!

You Got This! Keep It Up!

This is a stressful time for people. And working from home can make it even harder to stick to a diet and maintain or lose weight. Go easy on yourself and keep up the good work. If anything, be thankful that coronavirus is happening in the spring instead of the winter. At least now it’s warm enough to go outside and get fresh out, and there’s more sun!

Lots of love,

Chrissy from the Jeans Fit

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