The 5 Best and Most Fashionable Tennis Bags for Ladies

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the best tennis bags for ladies

The Best Tennis Bags for Ladies

I used to think that owning a tennis backpack or a tennis bag was a bit frivolous. I mean, who needs a bag specifically for tennis? You just need to carry water, a few tennis balls, and sunblock – right?

As I’ve gotten more serious with tennis, I realized that a tennis bag SPECIFICALLY for my lady’s tennis matches would be most helpful. 

Most women either carry a cute, ladies tennis backpack with them to tennis practices and tennis matches or an attractive, more expensive tennis bag. 

Below are the 5 best tennis backpacks for women. These are the best tennis backpacks and the best tennis bags for ladies for 2021. I’ve seen on the tennis courts. Buy one of these lady’s tennis backpacks and you’ll be styling with the AA level tennis women.

The 5 Best Tennis Bags for Ladies

Here's the top 5 list.

1. Ame & Lulu Tennis Tour Bag

 Ame & Lulu Hamptons Blueberry Tennis Tour Bag
Ame & Lulu Hamptons Blueberry Tennis Tour Bag


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2. Ame & Lulu Game On Tennis Backpack 

Ame & Lulu Game On Tennis Backpack for women's tennis rackets on Amazon
Ame & Lulu Game on Tennis Backpack
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The most popular tennis backpack is the Ame & Lulu Game On tennis backpack. I personally like it in dark blue and white stripes the most. The hot pink and light pink striped one seems to be the most popular among women.


The Game On Tennis Backpack holds two racquets.

3. Cinda B. Ladies Tennis Backpack – The Vera Bradley of Tennis Backpacks

Cinda b. is a popular tennis tote and backpack brand.

I personally love the cinda b. Jet Set Black tote more than the backpack, but the backpack is cute too.


Cinda B. Tennis Backpack in navy for women's tennis on Amazon

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4. Oliver Thomas Wingwoman Tennis Backpack – Quilted, Fashion-Forward Backpack

Oliver Thomas Wingwoman Tennis Backpack in black for women's tennis

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If you want a fashion-forward tennis backpack, check out the tennis backpacks by Oliver Thomas.

They are 100% water resistant, hold two tennis racquets (or a laptop!), and have multiple pouches and pockets.

The Wingwoman Tennis Backpack for women comes in black, dark blue, bright yellow, camo, gray, and red.

Oliver Thomas Wingwoman Tennis Backpack in gray and gunmetal
Wingwoman Tennis Backpack in Gunmetal

Note: This backpack is not under $125. Sorry! It’s actually $175, so it’s a splurge.

5.  Babolat Pure Series Tennis Backpack – The Best Gender-Neutral Tennis Backpack

If you want a simple backpack for your tennis racquet, check out the Babolat tennis backpack. I’ve noticed that it’s a popular choice among tennis players.

For a more detailed review, check out this article.

Babolat tennis backpack on Amazon for women's tennis in blue

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FAQs About Tennis Backpacks for Women

Have a question that's not answered below? Leave a comment!

Should I get a tennis bag or a lady’s tennis backpack?

It’s up to you!

I personally prefer a tennis bag vs. a backpack (I like to throw things in my tennis bag vs. zip it up!), but to each her own.

It seems to be 50/50 between tennis backpacks and bags.

What are the best brands of tennis backpacks for women?

The two most popular brands of tennis backpacks and tennis bags for women are Ame and Lulu and cinda b.

Brands like Nike, Lululemon, and Oliver Thomas also sell tennis backpacks for women, but I don’t see those brands on the tennis court as often.

Do I need a women’s tennis backpack?

Not really! I used a simple canvas tote to carry my tennis belongings with a simple racquet cover for months before investing in an “official” tennis bag.

What should I carry in my tennis bag or tennis backpack?

My list of tennis accessories has grown too to include Salt Sticks, extra tennis over grip, a rosin bag, sweatbands, sunblock, snacks, at least four water bottles (yes – really!), extra sunglasses, and a spare pair of underwear, shorts, and a t-shirt to change into AFTER my match (because you really shouldn’t sit around in wet clothes!).

Here’s my list of tennis bag and backpack essentials.

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the best ladies tennis backpacks online and on amazon
The Best Backpacks for Tennis

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